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Pinned topic Help with Impact re-installation

‏2012-02-20T16:21:01Z |
New to the Netcool products. I had a installation of Omnibus 7.3.1/Impact 6.1 working properly and messed up the Impact product configuring LDAP. I had to remove Impact hard and couldn't do to IBM un-install. After I wiped the file system, I restored the deployment engine to a prior state. Now though, when I try to re-install Impact 6.1, it fails with the following error:

SEVERE : Raw Exception in DeploymentPlanProcessor.process(INSTALL): COIEventType.ERROR reported (from

Nothing else useful in the logs that I can see. I'm wondering if there's something I didn't clean up properly that could be causing this issue. Does anyone have any tips for files or directories that should be cleaned up prior to performing a re-installation of the Netcool products?