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Pinned topic very strange NFS behaviour

‏2012-02-20T07:15:32Z |

NFS server: SYSTEM1 AIX 5300-11-02-1007
NFS client: SYSTEM2 AIX 6100-06-05-1115

NFS RESOURCE (EXPORT): SYSTEM1:/install (directory mode: 777)
NFS CLIENT mount point: /mnt

when I mount SYSTEM1:/install on SYSTEM2, I don't see all files/directories in the NFS filesystem on SYSTEM2.
I observe that files/directories which are seen are the files/direcotries which were created long time ago.
Newly created files/directories on SYSTEM1 local filesystem are not seen on NFS client at all!!!
It is even more stranger, that I can create new directories/files on SYSTEM1:/mnt, they are created without any error but are not seen on NFS server!!!
On client /mnt (NFS mounted) I can even create the file/direcotry with the same name which exists on NFS server! No warnings! Of course it makes no sense but it can be done!
stopsrc -g nfs
startsrc -g nfs
doesn't fix the issue.
When I create a new file on NFS client in the mounted NFS filesystem, it is not seen on server as I said. Also, when I unmount /mnt and mount it again, this new file is still seen on client but of course/still not seen on the server!!!

Anyone experienced suh abnormal AIX behaviour?

How to get this stuff working as it should?
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    Re: very strange NFS behaviour

    ignore. my typo.
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    Re: very strange NFS behaviour

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    ignore. my typo.

    Have you checked:
    1) Is the client actually successfully mounting the remote file system? (You may be looking at debris located in the directory /mnt created previously when the remote file system wasn't mounted.) ;
    2) Is you client possibly mounting an exported file system located on a different server? (IP clash or mis-configuration.

    Worth checking?