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Pinned topic ICI : Update the exisiting content in FileNet P8.

‏2012-02-20T05:34:24Z |

I was able to retrieve the mutliple pages using ICI as separate file

Suppose..That there are 10 pages numberes 1-10 for a document in FileNeP8 that means i retrieved 10 separate files.

Now that i have a BR to save only page number 2-8 that means to update the content of 10 pages with only 6 pages.

Does ICI provide any APi for doing this type of operation. Can anyone help me?

Thanks in advance.

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    Re: ICI : Update the exisiting content in FileNet P8.

    Hi Vash,
    If you would like to update only certain pages of content in the FileNet P8CM connector, specify "null" for the pages you do not want replaced when using the checkin or update API methods on the Content class.

    For example, checkinFiles({"Page1", null, "Page3"}) will replace the 1st and 3rd page of content in the FileNet P8CM repository but will keep the second page intact.

    If you want to replace a 10-paged content with a 6-paged content, try specifying only the 6 pages in the array when doing the update/checkin and this should result in only the 6 pages being stored on the content after update/checkin depending on how the repository handles this.

    Note that these behaviors vary from one connector/repository to another so you should test it out first depending on the connector in use.