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Pinned topic How to resolve the warning message "J2CA0206W"

‏2012-02-17T10:39:34Z |

Am getting the below warning message on my logs. How can i avoid this warning or how to resolve the issue. Can any one pls help me in this.

Log info:

00000026 WSCallHelper I Calling getNativeConnection
2/7/12 17:45:49:659 EST 00000026 ConnectionEve W J2CA0206W: A connection error occurred. To help determine the problem, enable the Diagnose Connection Usage option on the Connection Factory or Data Source.
2/7/12 17:45:49:683 EST 00000026 ConnectionEve A J2CA0216I: The Connection Manager received a fatal connection error from the Resource Adapter for resource jdbc/SSARXTRANSFER_SMTRKQ2. Information may be available in previous messages or exceptions.

Vinoth S
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    Re: How to resolve the warning message "J2CA0206W"


    Kindly make sure from your datasource connection!