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Pinned topic Mergin these two SAN Switch

‏2012-02-17T03:26:26Z |
hi guys

I have this two SAN Switch
In the IBM BladeCenter

Brocade 10 port 8Gb SAN Switch Module for IBM BladeCenter
Part Number 44X1925
FRU Number 44X1927

Externally this one

OK, basically the one in the blade is an automated switch...

So is there a way to merge or to manage (create zone, zoneset, ...) using the one external - IBM_2498_B24 -.

I am having problems to get all the info in the IBM_2498_B24, since the one in the blade is like a complete Switch on its own.

Any guide o PDF? to make the external one the Management Switch?

thanks a lot
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    Re: Mergin these two SAN Switch

    don't know if you solved it yet, but you need Full Fabric license for B24 switch. Then you can connect those switches together and have one fabric with zones across both of them. Remember to change IDs on those switches, you can't have both at same default 0. And for this change, you have to disable switch, change ID and enable, so be sure you have dual SAN working etc.
    And check, if B10 have full fabric license in it, B20 have it by default....

    We have 4xB24 and 8xB20 (BC 20port modules) connected to two zones and it works without problems.