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Pinned topic How am I supposed to find empty tapes?

‏2012-02-16T19:07:36Z |
Hello, I am new to TSM ,and recently "inherited" a sadly neglected system.

I just did a physical inventory of all of the tapes in this IBM TS3500 library, and compared it against everything found in "q libvol", and found about 176 tapes sitting in the library that were not being used. Just to be sure, I took that list of barcodes, and queried all of the volume names, and sure enough, none of the tapes were considered to be used in TSM.

Even if I did an "Audit Libr ltolib checkLabel=barcode", TSM still does not report any of those empty tapes.

So, I took them out, and just to see, I went ahead and did a "checkin libv ltolib search=bulk status=scratch", and they imported just fine, and became scratch.

My guess is that these are a combination of expired tapes that have been reclaimed, as well as improperly imported new blank tapes (the previous admin left me some commands, and it appears he was using incorrect instructions for importing new tapes)

Going forward, how in the world am I supposed to manage these expired tapes? What TSM command do I issue to search the library for ALL tapes, not just the ones that are still listed as Private or Scratch?

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    Re: How am I supposed to find empty tapes?

    sho slots should do the trick