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Pinned topic Need help to trigger shutdown AIX 6.1 server

‏2012-02-16T06:07:53Z |
Company I work for is currently implementing SAP systems and to use the IBM Power 720 server with the AIX 6.1 operating system.

Because this is my first time using this application and server then I had a lot of confusion regarding the configuration and so forth.

One of my challenge now is how can I trigger the UPS to the server can be shutdown safely and automatically when the main power off.
My problem is compounded when I was told of the global support from UPS saying that my UPS shutdown to trigger the only support for linux and windows while the OS does not support AIX 6.1 OS, so the trigger can not be done directly. But one of their solutions is to install the UPS shutdown software to another server (with Linux OS or Windows OS) and then that server is running a command to the IBM servers and IBM server will then run a script to turn off any services, applications, databases / instances, and server.
Does anyone ever have the same case as that I face now?

I need a solution for:
  • Which operating system one is better to be a server that will send a command to the IBM server, windows os or linux os? and how that server can send commands to the IBM server to run the safely shutdown script?
  • Are there anyone who can help me give a script which can be to turn off all the AIX services, applications, databases / instances and then shutdown server safely?
  • Is there a script to start up so that all services AIX, applications, databases / instances and server can be run automatically when the server is start?

help me please....