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Pinned topic Configuration file for istool glossary ldm2bg command (v 8.7)

‏2012-02-15T23:36:53Z |
Does anyone have an example of an LDM configuration file that the istool glossary ldm2bg command can use?

The documentation suggests that you can use -cfg-sample option to generate a sample, but using this in a command throws a weird error: it informs one that this is not an option and then produces a usage summary in which that very option appears. The same error is thrown if the long form of the option is used.

E:\IBM\InformationServer\Clients\istools\cli>istool glossary ldm2bg -authfile E:\Data\Authfile\ServiceBG.txt -v -cfg-sample
ERROR: Not an option: "-cfg-sample"
istool glossary ldm2bg Options

Possible values for: Options
Long Name: Short Name: Description:
-help , -h : print command usage
-domain , -dom : Name of Information Server domain
-username , -u : Name of user account on Information Server
-password , -p : Password for Information Server account
-authfile , -af : Credentials file
-verbose , -v : display progress
-silent , -s : silence command output
-config-file , -cfg : Glossary from LDM config file path.
-log-file , -log : Log File file path
-config-file-sample , -cfg-sample : Generate a sample configuration file.
Exit codes:

0 - Success
1 - Warning
2 - Partial failure
10 - Failed to connect to Information Server domain
11 - Invalid command syntax

So I've raised a PMR on that one, but meanwhile am in need of an example LDM configuration file so that I can run the real istool glossary ldm2bg command. My data model has been successfully imported into the metadata repository, so it's not that.
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    Re: Configuration file for istool glossary ldm2bg command (v 8.7)

    It turns out that, if you put the -cfg-sample (or -config-file-sample) as the first option to the command, it works.

    The PMR has been closed and engineering has opened a bug report, which means that it will be fixed. If there's a patch I'll post the details here.