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Pinned topic Error installing Cognos Developer Edition Manager

‏2012-02-15T21:34:36Z |
I have windows 7 and downloaded the trial of Cognos BI Developer edition 10.1.

I am able to get through the steps of downloading, and installing the files on my computer. I am then able to open the localhost in Internet Explorer (version 8) and click Finish.

At this point the Developer Edition Manager attempts to install. This is where I get multiple errors. The message is SDK-ERR-0064 the file C:\Program Files\IMB\Cognos Developer\bin\BmtMDProviderMain.exe is already in use by another program and cannot be opened.

I am unable to install because of this error. I have rebooted, uninstalled Cognos and reinstalled, etc. and continue to receive this error. Eventually a poopup comes up saying Waiting for server response which will run for hours until the computer runs out of memory. Does anyone know how to address this?

Below are the installation steps from the getting started pdf that comes with the trial. The last step being the one that fails.

Install IBM Cognos BI Developer Edition
The installation wizard installs the Developer Edition Manager. The manager allows you to install
a fully configured version of IBM® Cognos® Business Intelligence and Framework Manager.
1. Double-click install.exe to start the installation wizard.
The wizard takes a few moments to initialize, install temporary files, prepare for the deployment
and to create the uninstallation program settings.
2. On the Software License Agreement page, accept the agreement, and Next.
3. On the Choose Install Folder page, enter the location where you want the product installed,
and click Next.
4. On the Choose Shortcut Folder page, select the options you want, and click Next.
5. On the Configuration page, do the following:
● Select the range of port numbers you want Developer Edition to use.
Ensure that you select a range that will not conflict with any other products you have
installed on your computer. If any port numbers conflict with other software, the installation
will not be successful.
If you are unsure, use the default values.
● Enter the account information for the administrator user.
You can leave the name as administrator or you can change it to another name. We recommend
you provide a password, and that you record it in a secure place.
6. Click Next.
7. On the Pre-Installation Summary page, click Install.
After the installation wizard finishes, you can launch IBM Cognos BI Developer Edition Manager.
The manager allows you to install, configure, and start the IBM Cognos BI services, and install
Framework Manager. You will need both the BI Suite and Framework Manager components to
use IBM Cognos BI.
Chapter 1: Installing and Configuring IBM Cognos BI Developer Edition
Start IBM Cognos Developer Edition Manager
Use IBM® Cognos® BI Developer Edition Manager to install and configure IBM Cognos BI and
Framework Manager. You also use manager to add users to the system and start and stop services.
1. Start the manager from the installation wizard or by clicking Start, IBM Cognos BI Developer
Edition, IBM Cognos BI Developer Edition.
If this is the first time you have started the manager, you are prompted to complete the installation.
2. Click Finish.
The manager completes the initial installation and configuration.
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    Re: Error installing Cognos Developer Edition Manager

    ‏2012-02-16T14:03:41Z  in response to SystemAdmin
    just wanted to add, i am seeing the error message for multiple files. e.g.,
    SDK-ERR-0064 Installation of Manager failed: C:\Program Files\IBM\Cognos Developer\bin\JCAM_Crypto_JNI.dll (The process cannot access the file because it is being used by another process.)
    • chazbaz
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      Re: Error installing Cognos Developer Edition Manager

      ‏2013-06-16T05:07:07Z  in response to SystemAdmin

      I have had similar issue, I read somewhere I needed MS Office Pro 2003 0r 2007.

      Have uninstalled my student version of MS Office and Cognos and trying a re-install and will let you know how I get on.