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Pinned topic Pie Chart Colors Get Out of Order

‏2012-02-15T20:39:27Z |
Hello, we are having any issue with our custom palette when we output to PDF or Excel but not HTML.

We have six colors that correspond to six age groups in our palette and anytime one of the colors is not used that pie chart on every page after will have the colors mixed up.

For example if we use use the age groups 1,3,4, and 5 they use the first, second, third, and fifth color which should be fine because they are still in order. However if on the next page we use 1,2,3,4, and 5 we get the first, fifth, second, third, and forth. The main issue for us is that they get out of order.

Anyone know a way to fix this or work around the issue?

Additional details
Cognos 9.5
Server: Windows Server 2008
Database: MSSQL 2008

<chartColor value="#FFCC00"/>
<chartColor value="#CCCC00"/>
<chartColor value="#6699CC"/>
<chartColor value="#FF0033"/>
<chartColor value="#0033FF"/>
<chartColor value="#333399"/>