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Pinned topic Trying to discover a windows server through TADDM

‏2012-02-15T13:18:40Z |

We are trying to discover a Windows server using TADDM. This Windows server is added to the LDAP domain and we have added a LDAP username in the TADDM access list. But TADDM could able to discover the server but the Authentication is failing. This username is valid for that server and we could able to login with that to the Windows server. Also, This username has been added to the administrator role in the windows server. Please help!!!!
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    Re: Trying to discover a windows server through TADDM

    Oh boy, Windows discovery troubleshooting can be tricky. I will ask some basic questions first.

    Have you set up a Windows gateway successfully?

    In the access list, did you include the domain in the user name (e.g. MYDOMAIN\Administrator)?

    It would also help if we could get more information about the error on your side, perhaps the text of the error on the UI.