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Pinned topic rperf script bug fix request

‏2012-02-15T12:44:53Z |
Please, can you add "export LANG=C" in the top of the rperf script ?
It took me some time to figure out why I was getting arithmetic errors like this one

/tmp/rperf_v14.ksh123: let: rating=81.24/8*3: arithmetic syntax error.

only on some lpars.

It turned out that those machines have LANG="pt_PT" and 81.24 must be written as 81,24

Maybe not exactly a bug, but at least it deserves a note on the page, however I wasn't able to post a comment there.

Thanks for your work, specially on nmon.
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    Re: rperf script bug fix done

    I thanks for the fix.
    I added it into version 15 (no other changes).

    Thanks, Nigel