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Pinned topic Editing configuration files on the DMGR from any other server

‏2012-02-15T10:00:50Z |
Hi folks,

I'm trying to edit the IC configuration files (XML) on the Deployment Manager server from another server in the Connections system. This is done by addressing the DMGR's ConfigRepository MBean through JMX and using the extract method to get the file, editing it and then passing it back through the modify method.

When done on the DMGR himself (i.e. accessing the server as localhost), everything works fine. When the application is running on another server, however, the modify method looks for the file I'm trying to check in on its local file system.

Is there any way to update these XML config files (through JMX or any other interface) from any other server than the DMGR himself?

Thanks for your help.