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‏2012-02-14T13:16:49Z |
I've started working with SA and i want to create a sequence diagram.
as i was building my diagram, i've noticed a definition called 'Service' in the drawing toolbox.
I'm not sure what it is used for in this specific diagram and as far as i know, 'Service' is not a part of the sequence diagram elements.
i'd be thankful if someone can explain me its functionality and if it is useful in any way.

Thanks in Advance,
Shirley Jhirad
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    Re: Service definition in sequence diagram

    Hi Shirley


    The standard UML Sequence diagram contains - a 'Message/Stimulus' line symbol, an 'Object' and a 'Focus of Control' symbol, plus some annotation symbols.

    If you can see a Service symbol in the toolbar this could be as a result of a customisation or 'add-on'.
    If you open the UsrProps.txt file for the encyclopedia - have there been any additions to the metamodel?
    (Tools menu, Customize User Properties, Export UsrProps.txt)

    If there have been some changes - then hopefully, the reason for introducing the Service symbol has been given.
    Good Luck