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Pinned topic Problem with Signal 40

‏2012-02-14T11:57:46Z |

I have a complex native application that calls Java (version 6) subroutines using JNI. The application uses its own signal handlers and JVM signal chaining. Unfortunately, my application is occasionally getting terminated with a signal 40.

Signal 40 is documented for the IBM JVM as:

No Name (40): An AIX® reserved signal. Used by the AIX JVM for internal control purposes.

It looks like our native code may be erroneously trying to establish a handler for signal 40. However, in order to be sure if this is the case (and to test any fix), I had a few questions I hoped someone here might be able to answer:

1) Is it possible to chain signal 40 with the IBM JVM ? Since we have signal chaining enabled, I wouldn't have expected to see the any signal 40, since I would have expected the JVM to handle it.

2) Under what circumstance does the IBM JVM generate signal 40 ? It would be reallty helpful to me to have a small Java program that would cause this, so that I can test any fix that I implement to our signal handling.

Put simply, if anyone can give any information on why/how signal 40 is used, I'd really appreciate it.