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‏2012-02-14T08:44:29Z |
We are working in WASCE , Eclipse indigo and DB2.When we try to connect Eclipse indigo with WASCE it is showing some error message. And one more thing is that we din't get the database type as DB2. It's showing DB2(DataDirect),DB2 Network XA like that... Please help us to complete our project.
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    Re: Regarding Connection

    Good to know you are using WAS Community Edition(WAS CE).

    1. what's the error message when you start the server in Eclipse indigo?
    2. The DB2 XA one should meet your requirement, and you can use the version 9.5 of DB2 jdbc driver for your project.

    Any more questions, feel free to post here.

    Hope you enjoy using WAS CE :)