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Pinned topic problem in encryption

‏2012-02-11T07:05:39Z |
i have found an issue using SunJCE in websphere.

Fine this is the problem i am stuck with,

The requirement is like this that we have to encrypt the file and store it in remote server.
we use JBOSS at development time. i found no issue running this application in JBOSS, And getting expected result.
Like file is encrypted successfully.

but this application has to be deployed in webshpere. There i am finding issue executing this application.
It is throwing exception like "Cipher no intialized".

i found that IBM has its own implementation of JCE(IBMJCE). will that matters using SunJCE in websphere?

if it so how can i solve this issue.

i have tried adding SunJCE providers dynamically. but getting "class not found exception" even after i have added SunJCE_providers.jar and jce.jar in class path.

Guys help me out to solve this problem.

Thanks in advance,
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    Re: problem in encryption

    some how i found a solution for this problem. Now am able to encrypt and decrypt it without any problem. But still wondering whether this approach is correct.

    what i did is,
    1. dynamically initialized the Sun_JCE provider in my java code.
    2. copied the sunjce_provider.jar jar file in to WAS_HOME/java/jre/lib/ext folder
    3. copied the jce.jar file in to was_home/java/jre/lib
    now both the encryption is working without any problem.

    can anyone tell me that whether this approach is right or wrong?