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Pinned topic TSA AM: Working with views

‏2012-02-10T14:58:30Z |
Customer often asking, how to organize security / permissions for userids working with Application Manager.
Since AM currently has not implemented a security / permissions based on the resource / group, we recommend to work with views. The views are associated with userid, they are configured for. This view configuration is persistent regarding login on the AM console and AM restart.

There are two ways two create a view for a given userid.

1. Domain Visibilitythat
By default all domains are shown in AM GUI. However, you can hide domains your choice. Thus, the operator will see only domains, that are not hidden.
To hide domains:

Menu --> Preferences --> Visible Domains

2. Filtering
You can filter on the basis of resources / groups / resource classes etc. On this way only filtered resources will be shown in the GUI. Multi patterns filtering is also allowed, like
res1 res2

To define a filter, click Search button on the resource pan of the AM GUI.