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Pinned topic usecase of Disk Based Engine of solidDB

‏2012-02-10T14:17:51Z |
What are the current use cases of IBM solidDB Disk based engine.
In what kind of applications or bussiness case it is getting used.
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    Re: usecase of Disk Based Engine of solidDB

    The use cases for solidDB disk-db are very broad, as usual with database technology. Customers include from manufacturing, transportation, retail, financial services, printing, public sector, healthcare, education, telecommunication, construction and many other industries. Many of these are ISV/OEM type of customers where solidDB is an embedded database for the application/system.

    One of the facts that effect the above broad use cases is that solidDB includes both in-memory db and disk db technology, and both are part of the same solidDB databas binary. The designer can choose which to use table by table basis. Many systems require high performance (memory tables are suitable for that) and at the same time the system should process also longer term data that is less performance critical (and disk tables are suitable for that). In other words, solidDB is a good fit for many types of application requirements.