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Pinned topic inverse enginerrng from OPL model

‏2012-02-10T12:56:25Z |
I´m developing an ODM 3.5 application from an existing OPL model. To create the Data Model, I use inverse enginering from the OPL model. But the data Model is not as I expected:
in the OPL Model there was data with this structure:

{string} data = ...

but in the data model of the OPL model linked to the ODM application the data appears like

tuple TData{
string value;
{TData} data =...

In the OPL model I use the data in the first form so many times. I´have the option to make the original data from the new structure : {string} originalData = {t.value|t in data} but I´ll like to make it directly from ODM

is there a way to change it to the original data from ODM?

Thanks in advance,