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Pinned topic Migrating a large network deployment to WAS v8

‏2012-02-10T09:11:55Z |
Hello Maters,

Your insight/directions regarding migrating a large network deployment with a large number of applications from WAS ND v7.0.0.17 to WAS ND v8 in production runtime environment would be appreciated.

I have found following redbook WebSphere Application Server V7 Migration Guide, but it's not for WAS v8.

Thanks in advance,
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    Re: Migrating a large network deployment to WAS v8

    Hi Erwin,
    From a topology and configuration point of view, migrating to V8 is very similar to migrating to V7. You will find the Redbook you mention still good source of information.

    Also go to the Knowledge Collection: Migration planning for WebSphere Application Server site on developerWorks:
    for additional information.