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Pinned topic vob_server process exits

‏2012-02-09T20:35:22Z |
On ClearCase for Windows 2008 (64) I'm seeing random exits of individual vob_server processes. For day to day developement work this isn't a problem because a new vob_server process is created almost immediately, but for builds this causes a major headache.

The logs show errors similar to the following
vobrpc_server.exe(1000): Error: See albd or vob error logs on host name
vobrpc_server.exe(1000): Error: Problem starting vob_server for vob vob path
Albd(2104): Error: Server vob_server.exe (pid=9688) on "vob" died on startup; marking it as "down".
{2432 pid/tid 11e8/fa0} view=viewtag vob=\vobtag - ClearCase vob error

I've been able to reproduce the problem fairly consistently by running VOB reprotects, although it happens for other tasks as well. Multiple ClearCase servers, Multiple VOBs, Multiple sites.

Note that the vob_server process isn't crashing, windbg shows that it's exiting cleanly

Any ideas or similar complaints?