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‏2012-02-09T09:57:37Z |
one question regarding "Adding a node to an existing cluster". In the Admin and User Guide the descibed example regarding the preprpnode command is contradictorily. In a last sentence it says (Chapter 2, Step 1, Adding... Step 2):

It is strongly recommended that you issue a preprpnode command on each node for all nodes.

That is quiet different to the listed example above this sentance.

What is correct??

It would be easier if we could ever issue preprpnode all nodes on all nodes.

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    Re: addrpnode handling

    The preprpnode commands as documented are only specifying a single node (node03) because it is assumed preprpnode was used previously to add the other nodes to the ctrmc.acls file when the original 2 node domain was created.

    However, it does not hurt to include all the node names in the preprpnode command even if they have already been added from a previous execution of preprpnode.

    I believe the recommendation is suggesting that you always include all node names anytime you "re-run" preprpnode, just in case it wasn't done properly previously or if it was done using a different hostname format (FQHN vs shortname for example).

    Either way, both methods are correct.