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Pinned topic Which files were opened/closed?

‏2012-02-08T14:23:28Z |
I'm trying to debug a problem that may be related to file i/o. I run the problem app, and Health Center reports that my app opened 127,000 files and closed about the same number. Is there a way i can get a summary of what files were opened/closed? The i/o view appears to show only open files....

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    Re: Which files were opened/closed?

    Hi Tom,

    The files open table only shows the files that are currently in open state, not every file opened or closed. Hovering over any of the lines in the chart above the table will tell you which file was opened/closed at any given time. You may need to zoom in on the graph to get individual line to appear (click and drag a rectangle on the graph to do this).

    We don't provide a report detailing all the files that have been opened and closed. If you think this would be a useful feature, I can raise an enhancement request for it.