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Pinned topic Missing dependency: org.springframework/spring-beans/2.0.5

‏2012-02-08T09:39:08Z |
Hey all,

I'm totally new in WebSphere but I have to add an existing *.war to a completly new installation of WebSphere.

There is used Spring in the war and the war runs also on an old Version of WebSphere with no problems. But now I try to install the war in the new installation and i got an error that means:

DependencyManager Could not install bundle dependency
org.apache.geronimo.kernel.repository.MissingDependencyException: Missing dependency: org.springframework/spring-beans/2.0.5/

Hopefully you can tell me, what the problem is.

Best regards,

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  • U4UE_xie_zhi
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    Re: Missing dependency: org.springframework/spring-beans/2.0.5

    could you provide the war file and the development enviroment information, such as OS version, WAS CE version and Greronimo version, and so on.
  • Shawn_Jiang
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    Re: Missing dependency: org.springframework/spring-beans/2.0.5

    Please help to check if there's any file under


    If there's files, you might need to correct your geronimo-web.xml in your application to correct the spring dependencies version from 2.0.5 to what you found in the directory.

    If there's no files in the directory, I guess you are using CE v and you'll have to bundle your own spring*.jar in your WAR/WEB-INF/lib and then remove the corresponding dependencies from your geronimo deployment plan.

    Hope it helps.