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‏2012-02-07T12:55:56Z |
Hi, Please find below my scenario. I am very new to XML and working on a fix for this issue for my team

During the Design, coding, unit testing of Web Services, developers have to create the XML format manually for external system. Inturn the system will generate response xml with loaded actual data.

For external system, the web service response XML's size limits will be a constraint. For Instance, External system could handle response XML with maximum of 100KB limit. It is very hard for the developers to create a load data file of maximum size manually. Fully loaded response XML file should be considered in order to avoid the errors in later stage. If my response is above 100 Kb, then I have redesign everything again which will be two late

Is there a tool or a way to find out the maximum size of my response XML. I am not sure if any XML Spyware or Editors will actually help.

Idea is to develop a Web service replicator/ XML generator which should be able to generate the web service response XMLs with sample data. Also XML generator should be able to calculate the maximum XML file size for the web service.

Thanks for your time and help.