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Pinned topic Easier and quicker intallation of Design Studio

‏2012-02-07T12:51:14Z |

are ther any possibilities to do the installation of Design Sutdio quicker and easier? We have the problem that the developers spend a lot of time to install and configure Design Studio.

Is it possible to duplicate a complete installation including plugins (SVN)? Maybe we can zip the complete install folder and extract on any workstations?

Do you have any other ideas?

Thank you and best regards, Tim
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    Re: Easier and quicker intallation of Design Studio

    Hello Tim,

    It is not recommend to zip up Design Studio and copied over the other machine as the product will not be registered properly on the system. In terms of mass deployment, the suggested way is to utilize the silent install capability of the product. During Warehouse installation, you can chose to generate a response file, also that a sample response file is included under the /responseFiles folder in the install image. You can then take the response file, modify it to fit the specs of other machines and install the Warehouse product that way.
    Please let me know if this is what yo are looking for.