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Pinned topic Purpose of Dynamic Query Mode

‏2012-02-07T03:27:31Z |
I'm not very familiar with the Dynamic Query Mode. So what is the purpose of this especially when using TM1 Cube as source. In BI 10.1 with TM1 9.4.1, the Dynamic Query Mode when creating a connection in Framework states its not supported. But with TM1 9.5 series, its supported.

I can't find documentation on this...cause in the IBM BI 10.1 it documentation it states it highlighted in to check the Dynamic Query Mode during publishing of the package. Is there any impact on this on reporting side of BI with regards to TM1 cubes.

My initial testing in the TM1 9.5.2 series with IBM Cognos BI 10.1. I was trying to create a list with attributes. Apparently in that testing, I assumed that Dynamic Query Mode allows the attributes to be seen and use. But further test contradicts my previous conclusion. I just need to determine the purpose of this with regards to upgrading TM1 9.5 series from 9.4.1.