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Pinned topic Java memory violation when running db2setup in debian

‏2012-02-06T18:24:02Z |
Dear all,
this event happens when starting db2setup on Debian in my pc. My environment is: intel i7/Windows 7 64 bit/VirtualBox updated/one VirtualMachine running Debian amd64/IBM Java 6. When db2setup fails in /tmp/db2chgpath.log.3269 I find:
Starting the update of runtime path ...
lun 6 feb 2012, 18.23.44, CET

Changing the embedded runtime path for DB2 deliverables installed
under /tmp/db2.tmp.3203/db2/linuxamd64 from /opt/ibm/db2/V9.7/ to /tmp/db2.tmp.3203/db2/linuxamd64/
---> Please wait
The security context of the following files could not be
updated due to some unexpected error. Please rerun db2chgpath. If the
problem can not be resolved, please contact IBM DB2 Support.
CHCON: /tmp/db2.tmp.3203/db2/linuxamd64/install/ on

while in /tmp/db2setup.err I find

Unhandled exception
Type=Segmentation error vmState=0x00000000
J9Generic_Signal_Number=00000004 Signal_Number=0000000b Error_Value=00000000 Signal_Code=00000001
Handler1=00007F9501E282C0 Handler2=00007F9501AE64F0 InaccessibleAddress=FFFFFFFF95AF7B91
RDI=FFFFFFFF95AF7B91 RSI=00007F94F5A68071 RAX=00007FFF95AF7B91 RBX=00007F94F5A68071
RCX=0000000000000027 RDX=0000000000000009 R8=00007F94F5A68065 R9=000000000000000F
R10=00007F95029B39A0 R11=0000000000000000 R12=FFFFFFFF95AF7B91 R13=000000000000010A
R14=00007F9501F8C520 R15=00007F94F5A48C40
RIP=00007F9502DCB4F4 GS=0000 FS=0000 RSP=00007F95029B3D60
EFlags=0000000000210206 CS=0033 RBP=00007F95029B4290 ERR=0000000000000005
TRAPNO=000000000000000E OLDMASK=0000000000000000 CR2=FFFFFFFF95AF7B91
xmm0 0000000000000000 (f: 0,000000, d: 0,000000e+00)
xmm1 ffffffffffffffff (f: 4294967296,000000, d: -nan)
xmm2 454c55444f4d5f4b (f: 1330470784,000000, d: 6,850517e+25)
xmm3 0000000000000000 (f: 0,000000, d: 0,000000e+00)
xmm4 00007f9501f8c520 (f: 33080608,000000, d: 6,930652e-310)
xmm5 0000000000000000 (f: 0,000000, d: 0,000000e+00)
xmm6 00007f95029b4290 (f: 43729552,000000, d: 6,930653e-310)
xmm7 00000000019c2b1a (f: 27011866,000000, d: 1,334564e-316)
xmm8 0000000000000000 (f: 0,000000, d: 0,000000e+00)
xmm9 0000000000000000 (f: 0,000000, d: 0,000000e+00)
xmm10 0000000000000000 (f: 0,000000, d: 0,000000e+00)
xmm11 0000000000000000 (f: 0,000000, d: 0,000000e+00)
xmm12 0000000000000000 (f: 0,000000, d: 0,000000e+00)
xmm13 0000000000000000 (f: 0,000000, d: 0,000000e+00)
xmm14 0000000000000000 (f: 0,000000, d: 0,000000e+00)
xmm15 0000000000000000 (f: 0,000000, d: 0,000000e+00)
Target=2_40_20110203_074623 (Linux 2.6.32-5-amd64)
CPU=amd64 (1 logical CPUs) (0x21f056000 RAM)

Stack Backtrace
Java_sun_awt_UNIXToolkit_load_1gtk+0xb (0x00007F94F5A48C4B

This is a constant behaviour in three times. Please consider that on an identical system I run db2setup without problem and DB2 9.7.5 is up and running.

Any comment ?

Please note that a new installation of ibm-java-x86_64-sdk-7.0-0.0.bin abended with <<error while checking for instance ..>> therefore I installed ibm-java-sdk-6.0-10.0-linux-x86_64.bin that apparently works as well. So I would like out to clean and reinstall the 7.0.0 version without any dependency from previous installed objects. How to clean ?

Thanks to everybody. carlo lunghi
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    Re: Java memory violation when running db2setup in debian

    When you are running db2setup add -t <trace file > option, and please attach the trace files.
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    Re: Java memory violation when running db2setup in debian

    When you are running db2setup add -t <trace file > option, and please attach the trace files.
    Hello Vineetmishra,
    here I annex pasted into a single log file my trace files created by ./db2setup -t tracefile, and two error files generated by the DB2 setup program and written in /tmp.
    Thanks for the support.