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Pinned topic cant transfer data from the salesforce to mysql

‏2012-02-06T07:19:37Z |
i am using a 60-day trial of ibm cast iron express.
i am trying to transfer data from to mysql and vice versa.
when i add a row in, it is not added in the mysql.
it says that 0 rows added in the mysql database.
this is the error : - Integration " to MySql" completed processing 1 Merchandise__c object(s) (updated/created) from 0 row(s) inserted in table newmerch.
where should I learn about the error , and what is the error ?
i need help regarding connecting and mysql , ie, the correct transformations.
is it required for the number of rows to be the same for both the objects ??
I am stuck with this error from 3 days .
please help me in this issue.
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    Re: cant transfer data from the salesforce to mysql

    it does look like a mapping issue. Can you provide us with the sample data that the integration is fetching from salesforce? Also, do you use any functions in the map?