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‏2012-02-03T20:04:14Z |
I've noticed that my application cannot read any COOKIE data if the total data size for all cookies is greater than 1023 bytes.

For example:

If I have two cookies that are both 400 bytes, I can read both cookies just fine. But if I were to add a third 400 byte cookie I would not be able to read any of the three.

Is there a specific reason for this limitation? Under a normal web environment the limitation for cookies is 4kb.
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    Re: COOKIE data limit

    I've guessed at a couple variations of cookie handling - iterative building up of cookies with each request until one is larger than 1200 as well as multiple large cookies being manipulated during the same request. I've tried javascript and server-side php but I'm not running into your issue. Maybe a little more detail to help drive a test case could help.