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Pinned topic Problems installing IA plugin for CE v1.1.01

‏2012-02-03T18:16:24Z |
I am able to consistently install CE v1.1.0.1 for win32, but am having problems when attempting to install the CIA plugin v3.1.0.12. Another quirk in this mix is that some people can install with no problems, while others (who have installed earlier versions of the product) are having all kinds of problems.

I have done the exact same install many times on my machine - no problems.
I have used my current .cicsexplorer, renamed my current .cicsexplorer and built a new one, and then overlaid the new .cicsexplorer with my old data. Each time CE and the IA plug in install with no problems.

Has anyone else run into this problem? Are there any special system requirements for this release?

Thank you,
Cheryl Ford
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    Re: Problems installing IA plugin for CE v1.1.01

    Hi , sorry to hear you are having trouble upgrading to IA on Explorer I've just trid this myself and had no issues. Can you give me more details on what problems you are seeing. Are the problems

    a) during the actual installation.
    b) when restarting the Explorer.
    c) ir when trying to use the IA perspective after restarting.

    Also could you please attach some diagnostic data. I will get the Explorer tema to investigate. Use "Explorer->Trace->COllect Service Data" and attach the zip file to the append.

    IA contains one APAR only. See

    for more information. This also contains several methods for updating the base Explorer and the plugin.

    CICS IA Lead Developer.