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Pinned topic z/OS Perspective Add Local Explorer View

‏2012-02-03T04:37:41Z |
It sure would be helpful to add a local work-station file explorer view pain to the z/OS perspective so files can be uploaded and downloaded
from the work-station to the host and integrated with the editor pain

Does the editor pain have support for syntax highlighting ??
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    Re: z/OS Perspective Add Local Explorer View

    For syntax highlighting.....

    Try Window/Preferences/LPEX Editor/Appearance


    Window/Preferences/Remote C/C++/Code Style

    I'm not whether Cobol has a Code Style feature

    but take a look at

    Window/Preferences/Cobol/Code Templates

    for some other goodies.

    The above is for V7.6.1 (I don't have V8.0.3 installed yet).