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‏2012-02-03T04:33:02Z |
Perspective Save-AS Is nice , but useless

I would like to create many unique z/OS perspectives each with there
own configured view settings that are unique each to them-selves

All properties and settings (including the connection) should be unique
and saved

I should be able to have two seperate z/OS perspectives each using a seperate mvs connection

I should be able to have to unique perspectives both using the same connection but with different unique view settings

The editor pain needs a save-as feature that enables the contents to be saved on the local work-station and visa-versa some-type of local inport or insert that will load a local file into the current z/os editor pain

It sure would be great to also have an email feature "send this file"
that would automatically zip the z/OS editor pain and attach it to an email to be sent

What happens If only want or need the z/OS perspective ( can I delete all the others that I do not need ) ???