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Pinned topic solidDB SMA data for main memory engine

‏2012-02-02T07:10:42Z |
Can I get the performance benchmark data of any OLTP application which can compare Shared Memory Access (SMA) mode and network mode for in-memory engine?
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    Re: solidDB SMA data for main memory engine


    If you want to contact me directly (, I can provide you more details, but here is a few samples from a telco-oriented benchmark:

    Concurrent Transactions per second
    Users SMA network (localhost)
    1 25508 8609
    2 48525 17498
    4 91135 36088
    8 170663 66430

    This helps perhaps understanding the difference, and both tests having the app and the db within same computer. This was on a 8-core Intel system in 2009. With current hardware and latest version of solidDB the thruput reaches over 1.5 million transactions per second.