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‏2012-02-01T05:01:56Z |

I'm developing iwidget in Mashup Center 3.0 and I have some questions about widget control in view mode.
In our application design, we want to make users can resize, move and close widget in view mode.
First thing, resizing widget in view mode, I found out how to do that as follows;"eventService").broadcastEvent("", {
"id" : this.iContext.widgetId,
"width" : width,
"height" : height

I still have two questions

a) how to resize widget??
b) how to close widget??

Do you have any ideas to resolve these questions? I appreciate your help.
Thanks in advance.
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    Re: widget control in view mode

    Yeah, I have the same question.
    Currently for move the widget, I manually set the top, left of the widget container using javascript.
    And I don't know how to close/minimize the widget.