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Pinned topic Cast Iron hypervisor edition install

‏2012-01-31T07:27:18Z |

We are trying to install the cast iron ova file on a Oracle VM virtual box, version 4.1.8. The server has 8GB RAM. But however for VM virtual box it shows only 3.8 GB RAM. We get a warning that RAM required is 8GB (+The virtual system "castiron-virtual-appliance" claims support for 8192 MB RAM size, but VirtualBox has support for min 4 & max 3584 MB RAM size only+) and when we press import we get an error could not find a valid medium format for the target rel_bedrock-disk1.vmdk.gz.

Is there any issue to support on Oracle VM. Pls let me know. is there any way to choose Standard - 1CPU, 4GB RAM which we dont get it here.