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‏2012-01-30T00:29:08Z |
Hi all,

I have come from an extensive WebSphere App Server / Portal Server background into a project which is using Widgets / Mashup Center and Web Experience Factory, and consequently being new to it and coming to terms with the concepts etc., I am trying to understand how the solution being developed will be deployed across multiple environments. So I have some questions:

  • I understand that you can build the widget WAR files with the provided .deployment/portletwar.xml ant build file, but then is it possible to deploy this war file (using a Jython script) and 'register' the widgets with Mashup Center, or whatever the equivalent is in there?

  • How do I script the creation of Spaces / Pages, installing widgets, wiring them together, setting permissions, etc.? i.e., is there an equivalent of xmlaccess for Mashup Center?

  • Is there an equivalent of cross-page-wiring in Mashup Center?

I haven't found much in the Mashup Center Wiki or InfoCenter in these areas, so if anyone can point me in to stuff that might help, or tell me how it is done, that would be much appreciated. Apologies if I'm confused on how some of the concepts work for Widgets.
Thanks in advance for any help,
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  • Stan
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    Re: Scripting Deployment

    ‏2012-01-30T21:29:18Z  in response to coreyy
    Speaking for the Mashup Hub side of the application (the catalog that stores objects and can deploy them to Mashup Builder) there is no scripting interface like wsadmin.

    You load Widgets into the catalog via the Home:Catalog screen > Upload > Upload Widget or Gadget > iWidget Package (.war)

    I will ask someone to respond for Mashup builder pages , etc.
    • SystemAdmin
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      Re: Scripting Deployment

      ‏2012-01-31T14:55:27Z  in response to Stan
      There is no general scripting interface for Mashup Builder. As with the Hub, all interactions are handled via the various GUI interfaces.
      There are a few items which are handled via our tool. Installing a new page theme is one example of this.

      Dirk Tysmans
      Lotus Mashups Development
  • drdamour
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    Re: Scripting Deployment

    ‏2012-01-31T20:09:53Z  in response to coreyy
    RE: scripting deployment. You can leverage the AtomPub API of the Hub catalog (doc'd @ ) to make a script work. In this scenario you deploy your widgets war/ear to WAS using any means you like, add the appropriate endpoints configuration (if necessary) using the config.bat command, and then register your widgets in the hub catalog using the AtomPub API. This is roughly how IBM Case Manager is deployed to Mashup Center 3.0.0.

    But that would entail quite a bit of scripting work (calling HTTP from script is not always a lot of fun). We ended up creating an HTML page in our widget WAR that allowed you to register and unregister the widgets in the war with the hub catalog, as this way we could ensure that an authenticated identity was already established with WAS.

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    • coreyy
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      Re: Scripting Deployment

      ‏2012-01-31T23:20:16Z  in response to drdamour
      Thanks for the replies; I will look into the AtomPub API and see what it can do.

      For Dev, I will have complete control; once we get to SIT, UAT, and Production, I'm not going to be doing the deploy - which means either a big list of instructions (which from past experience is prone to mistakes) or scripts to roll it out. Naturally my preference is to have the latter.

      Is it possible to (say) set up a Space with Pages in Dev, put the widgets on the pages and wire them together, then publish the Space or Page to the catalog, and pull this into SIT, UAT, etc? If I can't script it, but can set it up so it can be done in a few simple steps, then that would be an alternative.