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Pinned topic simultaneous access to the same LUN from different servers

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I' ve two individual System x3650 servers installed with Windows Server 2008 R2 and a DS3524 storage with expansion. Both servers have two FC Dual-port HBAs. At the moment, only one port of each HBA is in use, and is directly connected to the storage. Different HBAs in each server are connected to different channels in the storage for redundancy. Using the Storage Manager Client I've created two LUNs, a host group that contains both servers, and granted access right for the host group to both LUNs.
In the disk management option of the operating system I've assigned a drive for each LUN as a simple disk and I can access each LUN from both servers.
The problem is that the writes/updates made in a LUN by server A aren't seen from server B. If I disconnect the fibers of server B's HBAs and connect them again, server B rescan the drives and the changes made by A are reflected.
I wonder if there is a way to make both servers share access to the LUNs so that when a server writes/updates a LUN, the changes are directly made visible to the other other server.
Thanks in advance.
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    Re: simultaneous access to the same LUN from different servers

    To accomplish what you want, you need a cluster aware file system. A standard Windows file system works from a cache and has no mechanism for recognizing that changes have been made from the other node. IBM's offering in this area is GPFS - there are also other products available that provide this type of functionality.