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Pinned topic Minimum system requirements to install CICS Explorer and plugins

‏2012-01-27T14:54:06Z |
What are the basic system requirements for installing CICS Explorer v1.1.0.1 and its IA plug-in?

We are using CICS IA and would like to use the CICS Explorer plug-in for IA. We can install the latest version of CICS Explorer on all machines, but when we try to intall the related IA plug-in it completes on some of our machines, but not on others. All of the machines are running Windows 7, but some of the machines are older than others. The new machines install the plug-in with no problems while the older machines are having problems. Sometimes the install will start and then it gets the 'not responding' message. We have gotten as far as the accept and click finish point, but then we get the spinning circle and eventually the 'not responding' box pops up.
Any information will be appreciated.

Thank you,
Cheryl Ford