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Pinned topic Problem using JSF with Websphere Express 7

‏2012-01-25T22:34:37Z |

I'm trying to get a .xhtml JSF page to display on Websphere Ex 7 with no luck. The App consists of only two xhtml files and web.xml (no java nor jar files). One file is plain xhtml without jsf tags. The other contains a simple form created with jsf tags. Neither page will display when packaged into a WAR and deployed on the server.'

I've tried dozens of different web.xml file changes - no luck. I'm using Maven to build the app and I've tried adding (or removing) various dependencies - no luck.

The error I continuously get is: Error 500: java.lang.StackOverflowError. I've looked in the server logs, nothing. I've googled for hours, nothing.

Is there a tutorial or a walk through for this? Would someone show me how to get a simple JSF page to run on WAS7?