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Pinned topic Extending Rational Software Architect v8

‏2012-01-25T20:51:44Z |
In a previous version of Rational Rose, it was possible to extend the tool by writing VBA scripts.

With Rational Software Architect his seems to be done buy writing Eclipse plugins in Java that access the RSA meta model, is this the case?

Ant is used to build the extensions somehow?

Is there a tutorial on how to do this anywhere?

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    Re: Extending Rational Software Architect v8

    you are correct in that VBA is no longer the answer. With RSA you have a number of options (depending on the goals of your automation):
    1. Pluglets - simple automations, good for personal use, not so good for sharing
    2. Plugins - a little more involved in developing, but good for sharing
    3. There are specific\specialized types of plugins - depending on needs. Some common options include UML Patterns, Transformations (Model to Model, or Model to Text), Profiles (specializing UML to a domain), Reports (via BIRT) or platform extensions (new perspectives, views, etc).

    There's quite a bit of material out there to help (articles, Redbooks, courses, books). The RSA wiki has a list of articles:

    Some topics to look at in the list include MDD\MDA & PBE

    There is also a wiki focused on working with BIRT:

    This should be enough to get you started. If you need further details on a specific type of extension let me know.