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Pinned topic HttpSession Not Found in My Heap Dump of WAS?

‏2012-01-25T16:52:00Z |
Hello all,

I have a Websphere Application Server 7 instance running via RAD, and I have enabled it to run the healthagent and I can connect to it with the health client. I used the client to request a heap dump of JVM after browsing to my web application in a few browsers and navigating around the app.

The problem is that when I run this heap dump through the Memory Analyzer and then select "IBM Extensions > WebSphere Application Server > Http Sessions > Http Session List" I get a message telling me "No instances of WAS HTTP Sessions were found in the dump file."

Does anyone know what might be causing this, and how I can best inspect my Session Objects?

Thank you.
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    Re: HttpSession Not Found in My Heap Dump of WAS?

    Hi Peter, I'm one of the developers of the IEMA WAS extensions. Please contact me at so that we can help you further.