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Pinned topic The 2012 Automated Operations Technical Council (AOTC)

‏2012-01-25T16:06:28Z |
Dear AOTC Members and prior conference attendees,
You can now see the 2012, the Automated Operations Technical Council (AOTC) agenda for Pulse online at
Select the Automation Operations Technical Council track, under the Cloud and Data Center Optimization stream.

Please remember, the AOTC 2012 will offer FOUR full days of sessions focused on the IBM Tivoli® System Automation family of products. The first three days, March 4-7 has 20+ AOTC sessions which will be open to all Pulse attendees. There will also be a special evening reception for you to network in an informal setting with other System z attendees.

The Fourth day, March 8, is for AOTC only, a special fourth day Client Council, where 6 additional sessions will include product futures and requirements; therefore, as in past years, all attendees for day four will be required to sign a confidential non-disclosure agreement. The agenda for day four is not published on the public agenda site. Please let us know if you intend to come and attend day four or have any questions about the day four agenda. We look forward to seeing you there.

Information on how to register, hotels and all the Pulse events is available on the Pulse website.

If you would like additional information, please contact Kiron Rakkar ( ) or Kirk Bean ( )