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Hi everybody.

I have a little problem with my application, because i have about 15 ejb-jar projects that use jpa, so i have to have a persistece.xml for each of these proyects.

I would like to know if it´s possible to have just one persistence xml shared to all projects.

I´m using WAS V7.0 with JPA 2.0 support with Hibernate implementation. My projects are packaged into a jar file and deployed in the server, i have tried to make a jar file with a unique persistence.xml and put this file as a shared library in the shared libraries section of the server and remove all persistece.xml from de ejb jar projects but it doesn´t work.

Thank if anybody knows how to resolve this problem.
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    Re: Single persistence.xml

    Hi Jerry,
    This issue was recently discussed on another thread of this forum:

    Kevin Sutter, JPA Architect, IBM WebSphere