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We added memory and a graphics card to a P-series running RedHat 4. The graphics card didn't initially work, but after upgrading to RedHat 5 it started working - but then we couldn't reboot Linux. It would start displaying the progress codes and then get stuck at various codes. So we removed the graphics card but that didn't change anything. There is information on IBM's site for how to interpret and respond to progress codes but it is all for POWER 6 or 7. We are so "in the dark" because we cannot find any reference material for POWER 5. There is even a document that says "Use the following information to manage ASMI:" and then it displays a blank page. How can we get some reference material that will help us know what is going on.

If we keep blindly pressing the power button when it is "stuck" we eventually get Linux to start up and once it starts there does not appear to be any problem, but we need to be able to restart it without incident.

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    Re: 9133-55A Boot Problems

    The IBM Power Linux Team is migrating to a new developerWorks Community - Think Power Linux. If you'd join us in this new community and post your question to the Message Board, we'll gladly respond.