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Pinned topic content manager 8.3 - can not instal new nor uninstall old fixpack

‏2012-01-24T08:51:02Z |
i have a problem with installing and uninstalling fixpacks for DB2 CM 8.3 on windows server 2003 r2 with oracle 10g
when i try to install FP14 i get error 120 - previous uninstall was not completed successfully. cannot continue
when i try to uninstall the latest FP6 i have i get error 152- eClientCfg.bat" ended with exit code 152.

i am sure the FP6 was installed successfuly and has been used for years
can anybody point me to the file where the installer gets the wrong info about the previous uninstall failed so i could make him think that everything is ok and continue?
or a way how to uninstall the FP6

i am even considering a clean installation of CM 8.3 but i am stuck on the uninstall so if there are any tricks how to remove it i would be glad to know.
regaqrding this is it possible to keep the database and just reinstall the CM8.3 or do i need to backup db then delete db, install CM, restore db ?