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‏2012-01-23T21:47:35Z |
I am new to Synergy, request if anyone can help me...

When we checkin some text files(For Eg. *.c/.h files) to Synergy CM, what is the command to log the date, time, author name, etc. In MKS Source Integrity, when we provide as $Log: <file name>$, then it will start logging the date, time, author name in the .c or in the .h files as revision history. Similarly, is there any way to log the revision history in Synergy CM.

Snapshot of the revision history created by MKS Source Integrity

'$Log: ABC_DEF.c $
'Revision 1.3 2010/07/26 21:48:28Z Matthew
'Revision 1.2 2009/07/26 21:48:28Z Andrew
'Revision 1.1 2009/05/26 21:48:28Z Jane
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    Re: Logging Date and Author Name

    Hi Mathew,

    There are several places where such information will be stored. For each object that is checked it, the status_log attribute will record when the status was transitioned (such as working to +integrate+), when, and by whom. Source objects in working state can only be checked in by their owner, or by an administrator. So typically the owner will show checked in that object.,

    In Synergy, objects are usually checked in as part of completing a task. So the other place you will see information is on the task where it records when the task was completed and by whom. Tasks assigned to a developer can only be completed by that developer or by an administrator. For a checked in file, you can show the associated task(s) and that will tell you what you want to know.

    Synergy does not have a keyword that can be expanded to history. The problem with putting history into the source file is that you end up with a monotonically increasing amount of text somewhere in the head of the file. This adds noise to the diff output when comparing two files. It cannot tell you anything about which release(s) include that change, or what other changes were made as part of the same logical change. Instead, users should use the tool to see history, why a file was changed, what other changes were made, dependencies on previous changes, which projects and baselines (and hence releases) are using that change, and so on.

    Synergy does support keywords in files that expand to the owner, date, file name and version. These are normally expanded on check out. I believe there is an option to enable keyword expansion on check in.