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Pinned topic Setting up eForms Designer / Desktop (to interact with P8)

‏2012-01-19T20:24:23Z |
Hello everyone -- almost at the end of the week.

Anyway - have a quick question as i'm new to the eForms software. I just got it installed onto my server / desktop locations. I know that in order to have it talk to my objectStore SQL database i need to configure the JDBC driver on the form.

IN WHAT MENU DO I DO THIS IN as i'm banging my head against the wall looking for where I do this configuration at. I want to map my choice lists to cells / and draw up a form so I can show different metadata properties & system properties when a user selects a document.

So I need to know where do i make that connection / put the connection string.

2nd - how do I map my metadata to the cells on the form.

Thanks - appriciated.