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Pinned topic Configurations from DB2 iseries to salesforce

‏2012-01-18T13:11:27Z |
I've created a new intergations from db2 (on i series) to salesforce (cast iron trial):
When I try to define new source endpoint (iseries) in existing connection drop-down menu I find old connection (some test acctually deleted from integrations list)
My Iseries continually receive some request from old deleted integrations (and from old wrong connection)
There is a way to delete old connections?

Second question:
new Intergations : connection test say ok.
At the first connection some sqlpackage files are correclty created on my Iseries on right library.
When cast iron try to get avaliable objects nothing happens, it still waiting and on iseries there is a lot of process that continually say me correct connected to the database.
where I had gone wrong.